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Front End Developer

export const useAutoComplete = (ref, { autoComplete, onFocus, onBlur }) => useMemo(() => ({
onBlur: autoComplete ? onBlur : (...args) => {…

  • A clean way of updating the Redux store with the resulting changes
  • Immediate access to casted values
  • Formatting capability
  • Encapsulation of common input attributes

React Hook Form logo

React and Forms, we’ve all been there

  1. Faster development time of reusable components
  2. Faster development time of complex components
  3. Better edge case coverage
  4. Quicker feedback loops between designers…

Astoria: More than just the Goonies

Highlights: Astoria Column, Rogue, Buoy Bay, and Fort George
Shortcomings: Mo’s!

Evan Williams

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