A nifty happening, and why the concept of Open Source is cool

As a part of my YouTube Channel, I spend a lot of time writing from my work experience. Luckily, I’ve had jobs that have allowed me to explore technologies and spend time in researching solutions for interesting problems.

One of those problems was replacing slow, live services that interacted with layers and layers of databases, microservices, and mainframe service calls with a set of mock services. This lead me to discover a framework built on top of Express called Dyson. It has been my go-to for mocking service calls, as it’s fast and flexible.

Now, to circle back to YouTube. I produced two videos, one explaining what Dyson was and one demoing introducing those mocks into an existing project. As a part of my self-advertisement, I posted the link on Twitter. I decided to ensure that the developer of Dyson knew that I had done so, to ensure I hadn’t misrepresented anything.

This is when I realized what is cool about open source projects. I can reach out and communicate with (in this case) the sole author of a project. Dyson is no longer just “Dyson” to me, but instead Lars Kappert’s Dyson.

Even cooler? I get to dig into his code and figure out how it works. I found out that it supports something I had always wanted to utilize (headers), but it just wasn’t documented in the readme. In addition, I found how simplistic Dyson really was.

To top it all off, I decided to rewrite the entire project into ES6 as a means to contribute back to the project that saved me hours of my life and also as a challenge to learn more about how it works.

It’s a strange feeling when you realize that every piece of software ultimately has a human behind it.

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