I am a Flex-Holiday Advocate

I recently changed jobs from a Fortune 200 company that is 150+ years old. With it, comes some out-dated methods. Monthly salary, policy upon policy, “business casual” attire…and my least favorite, fixed vacation schedules.

We had 10 holidays. These included some odd ones, like President’s Day and Good Friday. The I.T. department, in which I worked, had a policy of “Monday through Friday, 9am-3pm and 40 hours a week.” Pretty normal, right? Well, because our operating department worked on Saturdays, our holiday policy was horrible. On years that Christmas Eve fell on a Saturday, those of us who worked Monday-Friday only received 8 holidays a year, compared to the 10 that the operating department got.

In addition, there’s the obvious problem:
I don’t give a crap about President’s Day.

Three day weekends are great. They’re something to look forward to, and the extra day away from work is always a benefit. But, it annoys me that I have to take it on a Monday. Or I have to take it in February.

Flex Holidays, and why they should be implemented

I’m not sure “Flex Holidays” is the right term, but what I mean by that is not having holidays. At all.

Now, obviously the intent of the policy is to take those 10 vacation days that I could potentially have each year, and make them PTO days.

There are several reasons for this:
You get to celebrate what you want to celebrate.
You’re not forced to take vacation in a time of year that you don’t enjoy.
Most importantly, you can take entire weeks off.

I am currently on day 2 of a 5 day vacation. I have done the following:
Recaulked the shower, built a raised garden, mowed the lawn, sprayed for weeds, had recalls performed on the cars, oil changes, cleaned the fishtanks, wrote 3 (this is 4) blogs, wrote and produced 3 YouTube videos, and submitted two talk proposals.

Day 2.

I have spent a lot of time improving my home and doing things that I typically don’t have energy to do on a weekday after work. I’m spending time building my career by sharing my knowledge with others. I plan on diving into a few new frameworks this week, as well.

These are all things that I may have done in my extra day off, but my guess is I wouldn’t. I would view the third day off as the weekend, which is devoted to pure relaxation (read video games, napping, TV, etc). With a week off, I see it as having a minimum of 40 hours of additional energy to devote to things that I’ve been putting off.

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