Making the Tough Decisions

On the drive back to Portland I couldn’t help but think about what life would look like out there for us. If only we had infinite lives to live to see what each option would look like!

Little did I know when that was written, I would be faced with the most difficult decision I’ve made in my adult life very shortly after making that statement.

I was contacted for a chance to interview in Seattle for Zillow, leading me to accept a position as a front end engineer.

This decision was months long. I can not begin to express how difficult it was to make. Entire days were spent in an infinite loop of pros and cons. I cannot thank my wife enough for bearing with me through the “we’re going/staying” rollercoaster that occurred.

To give you an example of how difficult the decision was, there’s a string of texts between my wife and I that was a definitive “we’re staying”, and within 12 minutes, I sent a “we’re definitely going” text with all the reasons why.

One of the pieces of advice that stands out was from my wife’s grandmother who said “You need to do what’s best for you and your wife, nobody else.” through tears, knowing it would mean fewer visits with her favorite grand-daughter (don’t let the others know).

While living in a metro city center doesn’t fit my ideal, we are in a quieter part of the city, within 25 minutes by bus & 15 minutes by bike to work! In addition, we’re less than an hour from tons of natural beauty, which Omaha certainly is lacking. Working for a nationally well known technology company is also an extremely exciting opportunity. Seeing your home listed for sale on the site that you are about to go work for is one of the more surreal experiences!

My last day in Omaha will be the 15th of August, which is also my last day at Aviture. We’re only taking what will fit in a Subaru Impreza and a Nissan Sentra; it will certainly be an adventure!

I’ll close by saying this: The decision would’ve been way easier if my job and coworkers sucked! All of the experiences we had are truly appreciated, regardless of how hard it makes it for us to pack up our lives and head west.

I hope to continue blogging, potentially more in the personal realm just to keep in touch!

Front End Developer

Front End Developer